POEM: Love Forbidden (By Danny K)

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They have called it a taboo
Her mother and my relatives
Like drinking shampoo
Not that milk is expensive
But what am I to do?
The feeling is mutual and true.

Obstinate I am, the love I have found
How can I even for once
Think of anything in this world
So beautiful not only at a glance
But her in all makes me proud
Don’t deliver me If am bound

Her body language a spell of passion
Her words coated with beauty
She smiles I triumph like a champion
To love her is my hobby and duty
It’s unthinkable your cheap opinion
Is only to see us in perfect isolation

If love is ever blind
For once I don’t want to see
Say I have lost my mind
Am ready to lose every part of me
Am so in love check my inside
Am stupid I don’t mind

She loves me, am certain
She knows love is our purpose
How can we be forbidden
Can’t we chew peacefully our apples
This bond to be broken
Is not as easy as spoken

Gorgeous I call her
Adorable she sees me
We so tight and right by nature
Abominable by the family tree
Aunt am so sorry, forgive me sir.
Am in love with your daughter.