Umusepela Crown – Letter to God + External Links (Prod. Mr Chalowa)

If you ever had a chance to talk directly to God, What would you tell him???

In his recently released music, Private Death Raw Music heavyweight Umusepela Crown has decided to fire shots at God, demanding answers to the most complicated life mysteries. 

With so many Hit singles released this year, could Umusepela Crown be giving us the anticipated “Hip Hop Is Not Dead” music compilation bit by bit?? The huge clue is that all songs we are getting are hip hop, despite Afro & Kopala Dance music being the most popular genres in zed right now.

So, whats important about this song??

Ofcourse, being produced by Mr Chalowa, the song is special. But regardless one noticeable quality about this song is how Umusepela manages to tap into something most rappers dont…. TALKING TO GOD!!!

The lyricist has proved to us all that it is okay to question what you dont understand, and thats its important to run to God whenever we feel low.