As if reciting a poem, I heard

A poet lamenting as he said

“Love! I wish this myth can vanish

Than to find another innocent soul to punish”


He cursed the day he met the damsel’

Blamed his heart to have fallen in love as well

“My babe, my boo”, he cried

“Is this all you can do?” making His question wide!


Doctors can term it ‘heart attack’.

Historians can conclude the cold war is back.

“Bring your thoughts here”, he groaned

“Judge my emotions you whose betrayal has not dawned”


I also heard him say

As I thought of walking away

“You promised to be with me to the end

Yes; forever to be my lover and friend


Your feelings for me were not reciprocated

You dumping me had no symptoms indicated

Was I just hypnotized by your beauty?

Or the sound of your voice got me sleeping on duty?


Sympathisers saw this instability

But to stop pain before this moment was none of my ability

I am hurt, but this wont stop me from grieving

And for once I have proven that seeing is believing!

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