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Lets be honest, we all wish for a healthy and sparkling relationship. Its every persons dream to be with the other better half, in a clear and happy relationship especially if that relationship is to last a lifetime.

However, such dreams does not come without a price. There is a lot that needs to be put in to consideration, massive commitment and sacrifices has to be made. 

Lets take a look at Five key components of a healthy relationship:


*This is the most important aspect. partners has to “feel it” for each other. People who are in a relationship has to feel attracted to the other person at all costs. 

*This will boost togetherness and anxiety.

*In other words, ALWAYS flirt like you just met for the first time!




*Yet another vital role in a health relationship. partners has to first understand the similarities between them. 

*Most importantly respect their differences in choices and opinions. With the right respect in a relationship, chances of one partner ever being unfaithful are very minimal.

* Make them feel most important when they are around you all the time.

*Show respect to their family members.



*In most relationships, its either the man (mostly) or the lady who is always in the drivers seat. This kind of unfairness leads to unhappiness. 

*However, making sure you both have equal share of opinions in every situation will enable both partners to be open minded at all costs without the fear of being controlled by the other. 

*Balancing of power actually make two people feel as ONE. Do not try to control your partner despite their age or background.

*Listen carefully to their opinions before you take action.



*Actually one reason people fall into a relationship is because they NEED someone to be there for them, no matter what. Having someone backing you up with your ideas, someone who can never leave you in your worst moments, and someone to share with your happiness in your best moments……..Hey, that’s the most amazing thing to ever happen!!!!



*Here is how to show support


  • – give advice where necessary (stay quiet where necessary too)
  • – Offer help without waiting to be asked
  • – Share your resources
  • – guide your partners when they seem to be getting of the line
  • – be available (but not desperate and clingy)



*Who ever hates to hear the words I LOVE YOU frequently????

Come on, we all want that. That’s why it is very important to remind your partner how you feel about them. 

*This give surety that we are happy to have them, and that our partners are important!!!!!!



There are quiet a number of Characteristics that describes a healthy relationship, but I think the points mentioned above are quiet critical and play the BASE ROLE. And I believe when we start practicing such we will never go wrong!!!!!!!!!  

Below are a few more aspects to consider when mastering a healthy relationship.