K2 – Semeki Mwalilowa (Produced By Vue Smallz)

K2 – Semeki Mwalilowa (Produced By Vue Smallz)

Semeki Mwalilowa - Music Details

>>> TITLE:       Semeki Mwalilowa

>>> PRODUCER :   Vue Smallz

>>> GENRE :      Hip Hop/DanceHall

>>> LABELS :     Yeah Baby Music

>>> LENGTH :     3 Min 42 Sec

>>> FILE SIZE    3.73 MB 

“Semeki Mwalilowa” is a controversial song where K2 calls out his Sister(s) Inlaw as being sweet. However, K2 being an artist, this phrase can mean hundreds of things until only when we get in touch with him to find out exactly what he means…. 

But as we wait, Keep your girl tight guys coz she might just get screwed by K2. Hahahahah!

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