JuiceMan Twist – The Guy With The Juice (EP)

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The wait is finally over for JuiceMan Twist EP, “The Guy With The Juice.” Most of Mr Twist’s fans will be thrilled by the delivery in this soft Trap Mixtape exclusively Produced by ClaXic, Doco and Young Plug. Also a big shout out to Producer JD Ways, B-Mars, Young Crime, Old Nero and Kannesha.

Below you will get a quick description for each song as well as the download link.

JuiceMan Twist - The Guy With the Juice Track List

01. - 23 (produced by Young Plug)

Juiceman Twist is only 23 years old and he is trying to face the pressures that comes with this age. He is trying to hustle harder in order to put his life in order. The biggest question is: “can he really make a living out of music?”

02. - Juice Man ( Produced by Doco)

Honestly this song to me was supposed to be the Intro for this Extended Play. The rapster officially introduces himself and tells the world what he is all about

03. - Live Like A King (Feat. B-Mars, Produced by Doco)

Obviously the saying is familiar: “Work Like A Slave, To Live Like A King”

Mr Twist encourages his fellow ouths to invest time in working extra hard in order to secure a respectable lifestyle.

04. - ZOZ Are ZOZ (Feat. Yung Crime, Produced by Doco)

“Those are those, me am another” is a common phrase we use to distinguish ourselves from the crowd. But in this scenario, JuiceMan is trying to convince the girl he likes that he is not one of those guys who broke her heart before

05. - ZOZ Are ZOZ Part 2. (Produced by ClaXic)

My favourite version of the two. Unlike the first episode, this one is a soft danceable track that will have ladies bouncing without realising what they are doing, lol.

06. - Bob Marley (Feat. Old Nero, Produced by Doco)

Very few things come to my mind whenever the name “Bob Marley” pops up; Good Life, A-Grade Weed and great music!!!!

07. - Rich (Produced by Yung plug)

JuiceMan Twist want to get filthy rich so that he can front and ball on of yall Hommies!!! Everyone deserves a good life after all

Bonus Track - Addictive (Feat. Kannesha, Produced by ClaXic & JD Ways)

Once you find a partner who gets along with u in a way u cant explain, they certainly become addictive such that you wanna spend all the time with them!

The Man With The Juice - TS REVIEW

The Extended play is an awesome start for an artist who is on come up. It being a trap music compilation gives it some vibe because Trap Music is what is currently trending. Therefore the EP stands a better chance of massive downloads, airplay and new fans.

Positive attributes

  • – It is trap, a music genre that is trending
  • – It doesnt contain Violence or curses making it suitable for Radio play and all audiences
  • – The EP contains only 8 tracks, a good selection of songs that anyone wont take too long to listen to every last one of the songs.
  • – Juiceman Twist has touched several topics in his music, tanging from hustle, love life, success and appreciation.


  • -Its not a variety of genres. In most cases zambian musicfans are intrested in getting a wide range of music and a combination of various languages.
  • -The Production might sound on point but any music critic would be able to notice that not enough time was taken to mix and master the mixtape. An executive producer would have added ssalt to the soup.
  • -A well known featured artist would have given the EP a nice start. Fans would listen to anything as long as it features a big artist.


We give the EP the rating of 5/10 because it is convincingly an amazing piece of art, but we still feel JuiceMan Twist has alot more to offer in his next project. Now that you have downloaded the music, you can leave your opinions in the comment box below or at the bottom, and remember to share with friends and family!!!!