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Defining Reputation

  • Reputation is the sum of all our actions that is reflected by the people around us in the way they treat us or interact with us.
  • It is the shadow that people see within us everytime our name comes up.
  • It is common knowledge that reputation, like all good things, takes a long time to build and almost no time to lose.
  • The basic idea behind reputation is somewhat similar to the idea of reward and punishment. If you do good things, if you keep your word and if you are a man of good character, will, and conscience, you will have a good reputation and vice versa.

Importance of Good Reputation

There are quiet a vast number of benefits you can enjoy out of building a good reputation, however I only pick a handful of the most significant ones. Here are some of the most essential benefits of a great reputation.

  1. Reputation determines the social status of a person in the society. It is a measure of his or her influence.
  2. Our reputation is a tool, for creating or maintaining our self-esteem. A good reputation smoothes out the journey in life, a bad one causing doors to slam in our face and testing our confidence in ourselves. For example a person enjoying good reputation is definitely preferred for better jobs and for taking up leadership roles. And good reputation has never hurt anyone.
  3. A good reputation provides you a target at which to keep aiming. Sometimes you may not feel like you deserve your reputation, that’s it’s better than you are. Rather than lament your weaknesses, let your good reputation serve as motivation for you to try to improve yourself.
  4. A good reputation inspires others. We all need positive role models, even the best and brightest among us.

Some may think reputation doesn’t matter or shouldn’t matter, that we should all focus on doing our best, on being our best, and let others think what they may. Certainly, I agree we should never seek to manipulate what others think about us (it never works in the long run anyway), but to ignore the practical importance of a good reputation cheats us of many opportunities we might otherwise enjoy. Caring about our reputation doesn’t mean we need others to like us. It means recognizing that as human beings we often can’t help judging a book by its cover and that as long as the book itself is good there’s nothing wrong with caring about having an attractive cover around it.

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