I’M HOT – By Syre


I'm Hot

Since 2008 I have been aired and they can’t touch me

Since 2008 I fell sick for my patience so nothing can rush me

Since 2008, Hey my family been making some noise so your hate can hush me

Since 2008 I chose my fate, graduated to these streets so love can’t brainwash me


I’m hot, I’m fierce furnace burning like I have had a core in my brains

A true mastermind, unstoppable, its fuel consumed with the flow in my veins

I burn, nonstop because its breaks my heart every time I recall all my stains

Of pain and blood, I have been caged, its till the time broke apart all these chains


They say I should forgive to acquire my peace

But with these serpent as angels Satan put on the loud, I can hear when they hiss;

How am I supposed to fight back when my weakness, these devils already know?

Or do you expect me submit myself to their temporarily but forever show?


Since 2008, my evolution just begun

Since 2008 I swear you all going to know who I am

Since 2008 we all did it for fun

Since 2008, at catholic hall, we had a date at the catholic nuns


I’m hot, it’s the revolution, I represent the truth, I evolve;

A true mastermind, there is never a puzzle I could never help to solve

Am stone hearted its waste of time to hope, I will never love

Since my eyes turned red, there will be nothing I will never have!


They say I should let it go, that what’s past should be burried

But how can I move on when it’s the same spirit that has me carried?

Even if my soul was meant to be damned I refuse to give in and let my devils win

‘cause it’s never been fair, it never will be, this sweet life we live in