POEM : If The Mop Could Talk (By Yunus Caesar)

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I n this short poem, Yunus Caesar describes how we people misuse an innocent mop to “clean up our mess” each now and then. However, there is alot of meaning hidden under the words, so read through to get the best out of it.

If The Mop Could Talk

It’s 5 30 A M you wake up.

You wake me up

The breeze is below my intentions

I’m freezing from my head down to my intestine;

But I still gotta wake up

You gotta eat I gotta clean.



The floor is colder than any shoulder;

And that toilet is dirtier…

That bin is too dirtier;

And that blood is wetter;

Avd those vomits are fresher;

But I still gotta wake up

You gotta eat I gotta clean.



“Oh yeah I gotta clean”

If only the mop could speak:

It would leak

The info that would make you stop enjoying your 



The abuse you give it,

The coldness you give it;

The dirty you feed it.



Lets take a second and look around us…

Till we found us;

But listen this is how that good wife you abuse 


feels like

You think she is stupid –


Locked in cubic.

She puts up with your shit

You think she aint shit.



Her respect for you, You take for weakness

On your unreasonable high voice

She chooses to be speechless

Not because you out spoke her but because she 


knows in silence

There is wisdom with no 



But she still gotta wake up

You gotta eat she gotta clean

You gotta eat.



“That dirty pee you double is why

You get all kinds of dirtiness and I gotta do the 


cleaning why?”

5 30 AM u gotta wake up

And you wake me up

I bath you, I dress you,feed you

Take you to the Doctor… 



The breeze is below my intentions

The cold is hitting my intestines

I’m your mop 

I want you to know one day I’ll mob

I’ll have that fire in my belly

Those angel wings will take me away

Appreciate my love while i’m still with u today

Treat me better while i’m still yo baby



Mama the mop just spoke.