Ghost Complete Poem Series (Download PDF + Blood Bath)

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“Ghost” is a poem series of three episodes (called verses) which tells a story of an innocent man who after being murdered in the night is brought back to life with the help of his mysterious lover who he later kills after discovering that she had deceived him about her true identity and age. 

In the process of him being brought back to life, this man came to learn that he has gained supernatural power such as speed, power and immotality, losing feelings in the process. The only way to kill him is by putting a dagger made of pure diamond through his heart.

All this is explained in verse one and two, however in verse three, this man is on a quest to seek vengeance from the men who caused him to become what he has become….

Below you can download the full PDF book containing all three verses, however if you have read verse one and two already, you can go ahead and read verse three below the download button

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The weak die, the strong rise

That’s how we measure size;

But For the forgotten innocent souls

Both cheap and not, local and civil

Who perished in their silent woes

A hand of justice came for the dark and evil


My determination for revenge burned me well

Just as fire eats up a barrel of fuel.

I wanted to eradicate darkness; 

I couldn’t rest, I wouldn’t taste happiness

And when I met evil, it all but paid the same price

Death kissed them all, either expert or novice!


My first kill was a woman, then another girl

They both deserved to rot in hell.

Also, I won’t talk about the robbers I encountered in countless nights

Or the wizards I shot,

The times at the bar and the effortless fights

All seemed like what I was looking for, but was not!!!


The robbers of my death night deserved justice

So, whoever perished in the process was nothing but practice

I once skinned two muscular men who tried to shoot me with a gun 

Then allowed their woman to run

But alas! I was just having fun

Because I slit her throat right before she could take her turn!!!


The once chaotic city now knew its peace

I was the last recorded murder, and nothing since

The beast in me however could not take its rest

It loathed for blood and revenge

I need needed to finish this quest

Of having my death avenged!


Finding those five guys is all that mattered

But all the darkest places never gave me answers

It’s like my mystery lady had cleaned out her mess

And my hopes started to grow less

So Where else would one place his last faith

Than in a place as holly as a church?



And where else is best to hide faces of murder

Than in the shelter of a padre??

I finally found what I wanted in father Alejandro

With the help of an altar boy

About how he has been hiding five negros

prior to plant another ploy


My low spirits ignited

And for the first time in a death time I felt excited

I finally got what I wanted;

The people who took me for granted

Will now meet their end

And with joy, my heart finally bled!


I decided to haunt the deanery at night

Because I wanted to ambush everyone with might

And as the fire place in the living room brightened,

I recognized all five faces and none knew

They all looked happy and calm, unlike frightened

As I heard a soft voice behind me, “we have been waiting for you”



Before I could turn and look Father Alejandro in the face

He had a point dagger in my heart placed

I felt a cold wetness; it was blood flowing across my chest

My knees weakened; my breath left me as I fell next him onto the ground

“May God give you my son eternal rest”

And I knew the Padre murdered me in cold blood…


Download GHOST Complete Series

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