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I decided to spend it with the woman I adore.

Because I only met her a couple months ago;

We should cherrish our moments to the brim

Since she was, and still is the one girl of my dreams…



Times as this, was supposed to be enjoyed

But not when you are joined

By a gang of haters with cold hearts

Who are eager to take away everything from my part.



This day I will live to remember;

What a way of saying good bye to December!

Fear was fighting against anger,

As I got entangled in a net of thugs, how do I serve her?

“Look what I have gotten you into!”

Seven against one, should I say two?

Just me and my boo;

Mute, I looked at my lady… What was I to do?



Am not Jet Lee, neither am I a matador;

My few punching skills simply can’t handle

Whatever I was to be blessed with from this scandal.

Then I felt death passing by, massaging my Shadow!



“Please, let her go! u have me” I exclaimed.

Two hours still they had us detained.

Their hearts with pain, hurt, rejection; were stained

Yet my mouth was the only Martial art I trained!



They at mocked me but now I was already prepared

And to die for my lady I wasn’t scared.

If there is true love, we were rightly paired;

Yes, they had me revolting, was I to be spared?



“please let her go!

Have me your prisoner”, But they echoed “NO”

I was to tell them nothing at all!!

How do I conquer and rise from this fall?

Now their lustful and evil eyes got fixed on my lady.

Was this a test?, I was not ready.



Is this how to ride into a new year? I wasn’t steady!

So I prayed secretly, silently and serious;

Once again I called Upon the name of my King Jesus.

And in a jiffy He was fighting with us

And proved to me He is a saving genius!!!!



To Be Continued….