DREAM – By Danny

Shud I write my mind a bit so as to introduce myself?
Or shud I just watch nd stare lyk de books on shelf?
which z which?
I knw u cnt figure-
That I luv poetry nd every part of it is a great idea.
let de  dogs back
At everythin dat seems sinister in de dark
Yet 1 thing though,
Dogs wil b dogs – never human at all
Sumtyms lyf cn gv u distance: her main tool 4 separation
So as 2 make u miss de days wen yo dreams wer yo everyday calculation
Joy and sorrow I think hv sumthing in common;
Dey both cum nd go lyk a man cn easily hv or lose a demon
De truth,
Dey say cn set u free
Bt wats de logic behind de woman nd her forbiden tree?
Take my words 2 church; they wil echo ‘blasphemy’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Turning their backs on u lyk u ar de devil – their confirmed enemy
Sum ar lyk
“Dis writer, were z de theme?”
Bt wat do i say apart from “HEY has kept de dream”

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