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There has been speculations from those that Have already listened to Tunah’s recently released Mixtape WINQ.

In one of his songs, “Mahule Yanga” (My prostitutes), the Self Made Lemonade raps something like:

“I gat katundu fulu monga ya Bobby

bati yanga iyima kuchila ya Bobby”

He futher goes on to relate his player status when it comes to ladies and all that…

This sparkled some controversy among fans of Bobby others went ahead and even made threats for disrespecting one of Zambia’s profound popstar. 


However as Tunah’s Publicity Team Manager, let me break down what my star really meant in his song.

Bob East & Ruth

We all know Bobby East won the people’s attention through his unfortunate release of a sextape. During this period, He passed through alot of negative stuff and it must have been a great budden (katundu) for him to carry because he almost quit his music career.

It is this same budden that Bobby East went through, that Tunah feels he is currently passing through. Only difference is Tunah feels his struggles are gonna lift him even higher than Bobby East. Tunah will be greater.


Anyway, thats not the centre point of this song, Mahule Yanga Points out that despite the hate, setbacks and all the challenge he has in this game of lyrics, he still has faithful guys that he can hold on to just to relieve his pain, ideas and dreams.

Download Mahule Yanga below and share your opinions with us!

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