Dear new day, let me welcome your arrival
dear new day, im really depending on you for survival
Dear new day, have you come as a friend or my rival?
Dear new day, your presence here has already gone viral!

People are saying with you is coming a difference and hope
That i should make you my reference to cope
Because yesterday was a burden and nothing improved
My sorrows remained in vain with more pressure approved

I hope you are coming with you new ideas and new situations
Coz am tired of the same loop of sorrow and deep frustrations
That all these past days have fed me
Nothing change, since this kind of tranquility wed me

Please newday
Come with you new and honest leaders
For we are over satisfied with the calamities that these politicians feed us
They come humble to us when they need our vote
And quickly close their ears imediately they occupy the largest spot

Yesterdays scientists dedicate their time to erradicate fellow human beings
And spend massive time in labs manufacturing deadly inhuman things:
Dieseases, weapons, robbots, poisons and magic
They manipulate us, and basically the ending is always tragic

Dear New day
Please come with a difference
For the past days all came with arrogance!
Have mercy on the women and children who keep loosing their loved ones in war
Oh please new day, stay unique for your ancestors have been no different at all.