Dan – Short Poem By Syre

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Everyone was gathered
And it was a day at school to be remembered.
The last assembly of all time it was
And on that day, Dan Would be exposed

The plot started with Berzent
And then, every other classmate present.
She had brought a bottleful of Munkoyo with “additives”
Which later made everyone who took a sip super active.

Dan was talkative, infamous for bad behaviour and noise.
He never took alcohol, but always drunk to starting chaos!
So when he took a sip off the boose that Berzent brought,
He started to stagger like a newly born coat.

Am sure this was an act, but the action
caught attention of prefects who had assuptions
That Dan was drunk, so they pounced
On him so unannounced!

Before we could even defend him, they dragged
Dan to Mr. Kapanga who always bragged
About how he had the best punishing skills
Because “thats what pays a teachers bills”

This teacher was joyous and Full of himself.
Despite, we all knew he was the real one who needed some help.
His pathetic lessons where boring, he taught juniours;
And his worst side? He had no humour!

So Mr Kapanga’s direct punishment was expulsion
For he claimed the evidence
Was visible enough for Dan to make an exculpation
Regarding that incidence.

He hastely put his nose agains Dan’s
While Constantly saying ‘This is not fun”
“The boy smells Chibuku, and has an HO
We are sending back to his parents, thats all”

We got worried and wanted to protect our comrade
We couldnt afford to lose him in our final grade
So we presented the remaining Juice in the bottle for clarification
But mean Kapanga said our evidence lacked qualification

Luckily, Mrs Chipungu a Giantic female teacher approched the scene
Having known Dan in thick and thin,
Gladly tasted in the bottle, licked her lips
And comfirmed it was just pure natural sips.

Thats how the dirt boy Dan
Was released free
Without trial and without plea…
Just another day as a scyth he managed to slither
Out of the hands of the most bitter
Teachers I ever known.


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