Artist management

We Offer concrete Management Services & Career Advice to both upcoming & well established Music Artists. This is to enable them concetrate on perfecting their talent while we do the hustle for them. Services include:

  • Register Artists for ZAMCOPS Licensing.

  • Win Recording Deals, Radio/TV Interviews & Music Features.

  • Organise & Facilitate Music Show.

  • Collect Recorded Music, Distribute & Promote on behalf of the Artist.

Music Distribution include this website for easy downloads, Youtube Music, Soundcloud, Audiomack, Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon plus 100 of music distributors in the world. We submit music to local Websites & Local Radio Stations, Club DJ’s as well as other street Influencers.

We are not responsible for the artist’s expenses, Artworks, transport, and paid features will not be directed to us. If you are interested in our Management Policy, Send us an email below to make your request.

Music Hosting & Distribution

Check Out Our Prices for uploading Music & Videos with TeamSyre Network. Poems, Comic Books & All Writing is Free to upload. 

Website Design, Development & Maintenance

We can Help You Design, Develop & Maintain a modern Website using WordPress and manual coding with HTML, PhP, CSS, & Javascript. You can also reach out to us in you have technical issues with your current website.


Computer & Phone Technical Assistance

We can help you solve various computer & smartphone related issues. We use professional tools and Software to make sure your device comes back to its original state. We cover Android, iOS, Apple, Microsoft Windows, Linux and all popular Operating systems.

  1. Bypass Forgotten Passwords

  2. Recover Permanently Deleted Data

  3. Backup/Restore Phone & Computer Data

  4. Supply Original Software/Firmware

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