CP The Rapking’s Big Vision Mixtape Review & Song Rating

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Yeah Baby Music rapper CP The RapKing recently released his awaited Mixtape and is entirely produced by Vue Smallz. The 12 feature track mixtape may contain some of the songs we have already seen in the past, but I should emphasise that it really was worrthy the compilation. We would say this was the first project with so many YMB artists featured in it and its quite obvious that Producer Vue Smallz took his time and effort to perfect this mixtape.
Below I take you through track by track, figuring out the IDEAS behind each song, as well as song rating.

1. Kukokobola (Feat. Tremaya & Jay Slick)

This song talks about a desperate guy asking a pretty girl out especially that she is loaded with a big behind and an awesome body. The low tempo R&B song is blessed with a verse from Tremaya and the chorus by Jay Slick. But you seriously dont get that much from a song talking about sex. Most credit goes to production rather than the concept.

RATING : 5/10

2. My Kwacha (Feat. Jay Thorn)
One of the favourite song of this compilation. Jay Thorn is perfect for the chorus while CP takes all his time appreciating that one unique woman in his life who egardless of the situation, finds a way to stick by her mans side and bring him light. This song was the last promo prior to this Mixtape and I strongly feel it should acquire more radio play

RATING : 8/10

3. Pray For Tomorrow (Feat. Jay Thorn)
Another feature from Jay Thorn. What makes this a unique song is how CP handles his cheating girlfriend. Regardless of the situation, catching someone cheating on you is a dificult emotional breakpoint which results in many people doing bizzaire things. But thats not the case here with The Rapking. Such unique song concepts plus a decent production equals a hit song.

RATING : 8/10

Jay Thorn
Jay Thorn

4. Fire (Feat. Noiy x Don Cozz)
Its always nice to remind everyone how good you are on the microphone especially when the beat is as dope as one made by Vue Smallz, but mainly the skills, wordplay & delivery wont make a good rating especially when the concept is not that deep. A good verse from Noiy made the song a “good one”

RATING : 4/10

5.Vision (Feat. Picasso x Bluz)
An appearance from a much established artist is not always a guarantee of a great song, however its a different scenario here with Pablo Picasso. The clean delivery of his punch lines on a CP chorus sounds perfect and clearly illustrates the true meaning of this whole project. When one has a vision, its usually blurry at the beginning but always become clearer as time goes by.

RATING : 6/10

Kopala Picasso

6. Warrior
Anyone listening to this song for the first time will surely notice the similarity between this song and Big Shaq’s “Man’s Not Hot”. The only escape for this song is the concept behind otherwise anything else sounds familiar!!!

RATING : 3/10

7. Single At 40 (Feat. Pist)
‘What are you waiting for”

Single guys always get this question especially if they are already past 25 years and are working. Nice concept on a chilled R&B jam with a chorus from Pist.

RATING : 5/10

8. True Story (Feat. Tremaya)
CP The rapking shares his musical journey from having a dream to meeting Vue Smallz and the YBM team.  He thanks most of the people involved in building his career & we give him a plus for that. Tremaya does justice to the chorus.

RATING : 7/10

9. Ninshi Walabela So (Feat. Tremaya & Pist)
The YBM trio addresses haters who are determined to bring them down. They demand for respect and recognition for their hard work. The most notable thing about this music is the unique style on the chorus against the verse and beat!

RATING : 5/10


10. Judas (Feat. Pist)
Before I say anything, I would love to give kudos to Pist for the chorus. So much poetry in that. Judas is a song about betrayal, love and friendship

RATING : 6/10

11. Umunga (Feat. Various YBM Artists)
This dancehall club banger swept us all by the feet. The production is on point, flows are delivered at utmost superiority and we can safely say its the biggest song in this whole mixtape. A feature verse from Xaven made so much sense that we almost rated the song 10/10

RATING : 9/10

12. Its Over (Feat. Jay D)
This is more like a continuation of “Pray For Tomorrow” for it talks about an unappriciating girlfriend who despite getting all the attention and efforts from his man, she goes on and cheat. Thats why its all finally over. Enough is enough!!!

RATING : 4/10



Despite being from an upcoming and a first time compilation, the Big Vision Mixtape is an outstanding project that has talked about alot of aspects in the general community. I beleive its capable of making a huge influence to anyone hearing its music. Big ups to CP The RapKing & Vue Smallz for the hard work!!!

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