This female rapper is harder than Bombshell & Cleo Ice Queen. Here is the reason why.

This female rapper is harder than Bombshell & Cleo Ice Queen. Here is the reason why.

“Iwe Chi John, fuuka ulye pie”

This is the latest stunt going around in the Copperbelt as a result of a young talented female rap commander called Mwiz.

Being born female comes with limitations, this is exactly what young Debrah Mwila had to endure. She had passion for hyped music since childhood, performed at various school music concerts, but she started to pursue her dreams as a career way back in 2014 immediately after completing her senior secondary education. After a little bit of hustle, she managed to successfully record her first Single at Danger Zone Records. The response was massive, which encouraged her to push her talent even further just to see the spotlight. But without a Music manager, it wasn’t easy to push through especially for the fact that she is a lady. Female emcees don’t easily get the recognition in the rap game, a place which is dominated massively by the male kings.

Mwiz Performing on stage

Finally in 2017, she started to win favour and recognition after she received a certificate of participation in music in Chambishi on youth day. This was due to people cheering to her music as she performed on stage. It was this performance that grabbed various music promoters attention including TeamSyre Network and started to be included in multi talent music setups across Copperbelt. This also led her to recording of Hit songs such as “Kaba Nama Yesai” and “Chance” with producer Massive.


Mwiz has always been able to draw attention when she is on stage.  Her message in music is compelling and well laid down. Anyone would be able to learn on or two things from her music as she tries so hard to bring out real time ideas, challenges and situations that real people are faced with in the community.

Being a rapper, her dress code is competitive to men which makes her the perfect female emcee. Her dance moves and Kopala style is an added advantage which keeps the audience alive and wanting more each time she walks out of stage. In 2018 alone she managed to bring out a Massive song with Y-Celeb of the renowned 408 Empire titled “Chi John” which received the highest views on TeamSyre Networks Youtube Channel, recorded the highest number of audio downloads on our website in 2018, and is still breaking records in 2019. Furthermore, Mwiz has participated in the 2018 Kopala Divas bash, shared a stage with the Numero Uno (Chef 187) on Independence Day and attended a total number of 13 shows in a single year…

Other than her music, Mwiz is an intelligent student at ZIBSIP who is pursuing a Diploma in Health & Safety. So as we look forward to a great year of music in 2019, we cannot afford to point out that Mwiz will soon be among the greatest female rappers that will lift the standard of Zambian music pretty soon.

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